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Case Study for Client E


Project #1, as an M&A Advisor:

A doctor who owns (with one other doctor) a multi-location practice hired Pierre to advise and assist him to evaluate two proposals they had received to sell their practice to different private-equity-backed purchasers seeking, respectively, to do a roll-up of multiple similar practices. Pierre helped the doctor analyze the economic structure of each offer as well as the potential upside benefits and downside risks. Pierre participated with the doctor in meetings with each of the prospective buyers to ensure the doctor got all the clarity needed to make an informed decision. Pierre also provided the doctor with a safe forum to confidentially discuss his differences of opinion with his partner and provided the doctor with feedback and suggestions on how to address these differences and to ultimately, make a well-reasoned, sound, business decision. Ultimately, the doctor elected to turn down both offers and to remain independent.

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