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Drawing on over 30 years of diverse experience across multiple industries, Pierre is a seasoned professional in consulting, investment banking, and entrepreneurship. With a track record of solving complex business problems and implementing effective solutions, Pierre brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His unique understanding of the challenges faced by business owners and executives stems from his personal experience as a decision-maker in various organizations, making him adept at effectively communicating with stakeholders at all levels. Having experienced the isolation and pressures of leadership firsthand, Pierre can empathize with the loneliness that often accompanies top-level positions.


My mission is to help business owners find great risk-adjusted solutions to their most complex problems. My services are what I most wanted but could not find when I was running and operating my various businesses.


“Pierre has a truly unique ability to simultaneously think creatively, strategically, and tactically and link all three. Every organization will benefit from Pierre’s strong business acumen, intellectual prowess, creativity, strategic vision, tactical implementation skills, boundless energy, and unwavering focus on results. His willingness to roll up his sleeves to do actual work, simplify systems and processes in every area of a business, and his tireless laser-like focus on goal achievement, make him a one-of-a-kind executive.”

 - Doug Maines, former CEO, Standard of NY


Personal Achievements


In an insightful and rewarding way, Pierre helps you plan, execute, and achieve your professional and financial objectives. 

  • Confidentially discuss your biggest fears and struggles with a safe sounding board to find solutions that will work.

  • Increase your confidence when dealing with adversity and to make well-reasoned, sound, business decisions.

  • Obtain unbiased mirror feedback on how you are showing up and being perceived along with suggestions for improvement.


With more than 3 billion dollars of experience in mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and refinancing, Pierre helps you from A-to-Z to get deals closed on terms worth doing and to walk away from those that are not.

  • Identify, plan, and prepare everything required to optimize the terms and valuation of your organization.

  • Win the art and science of your negotiations with predictive insights into your opponents’ tactics and strategies.

  • Diffuse your complex partnership challenges and conflicts.


From the range of available strategies, Pierre helps you select the best one for your circumstances and customize a solution to ensure the economic interests of your key employees are aligned with yours.

  • Design your program to meet your organization's unique circumstances and your specific objectives.

  • Flexibly increase or decrease relative rewards to each of your key employees over time in a highly tax-efficient manner.  Significantly increase the valuation of your business more than what it would be without such alignment.

Success Stories

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