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Case Study for Client B


Project #1 as an M&A Advisor:

A CEO founder of a logistics and moving business contacted Pierre seeking a way to sell his equity in several businesses so as to step away from work to enjoy the wealth and life he had built. After analyzing the range of possible purchasers of such equity, Pierre helped the CEO

understand that the highest price and best terms were likely to come from selling his equity to various key performing ‘younger’ executives already in his business, provided that such ‘inside’ buyers were open and willing to be educated on why they should buy out the CEO and how they could afford to do so on terms that were equally advantageous for them. Pierre educated the key executives in a way that convinced them a purchase of the CEO’s equity was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Pierre orchestrated the entire process including the facilitation of all legal agreements required to close the deal. Ultimately, several years after the deal was closed, the selling CEO and the purchasing key executives wrote to Pierre thanking him for designing a win-win transaction for all involved.

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