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Case Study for Client C

Updated: Apr 3


Project #1 as a Key Employee Loyalty & Alignment Consultant:

One of the founders of a fast-growing Big Data & Digital Analytics technology outsource consulting firm contacted Pierre inquiring about strategies to retain the loyalty of their firm’s key and executive employee performers and invited Pierre to present to their his firm’s CEO and fellow owners. After learning about the flexible design capabilities of Pierre’s Key Employee Equity (“KEE”) program, the ownership team selected the KEE program. First, Pierre worked with the CEO to custom design the KEE program to meet their firm’s unique business objectives and obtain fellow owner buy-in. Second, Pierre reviewed the KEE design with the company’s corporate lawyers and CPA accountants to obtain their critique, assessment of risks and ultimately, their support and advocacy blessing. Third, Pierre obtained the ownership team’s approval as to how to present and communicate the KEE program to the key employees. Fourth, Pierre met with and communicated the value of the KEE unit awards to the key employee performers. Soon after the initial implementation of the KEE program, the owners received, accepted, and closed on an unexpected offer to sell their business. The KEE program helped reward key employee performers, drive loyalty and structure a very compelling transition plan keep them loyal.

Project #2 as an Executive Coach:

Shortly after the work on the KEE program began, the President CEO asked Pierre to

become his executive coach whereafter they met on an ad hoc and bi-weekly basis. Pierre provided the President CEO with a safe sounding board to test ideas, and to brainstorm and find solutions to the significant problems the President CEO was facing at a rapid rate wrestling with. Of the many challenges they addressed, Pierre successfully helped the

CEO to navigate the discontentment of, and to maintain the ongoing loyalty of, a critically important key employee executive, who also held a meaningful equity stake in the business. Ultimately, when the owners received an unsolicited offer to purchase their company from a credible buyer, Pierre advised the President CEO on their negotiating strategies

and responses until the deal was successfully closed.

Project 3, as an M&A Advisor:

A few years after the sale was closed, the former President CEO of the business asked

Pierre for advice and assistance to value and structure the purchase of a controlling equity stake in a long-term care, medical services, supply business. Pierre provided analytics and advice on the art and science of the negotiations and offer, resulting which resulted in his client successfully completing the acquisition of the controlling stake on very attractive terms. Since the acquisition, Pierre has advised the former CEO on implementing a KEE program for key employees, on analyzing the marginal profitability of segments and clients of the business and on structuring a letter of intent to potentially acquire another long-term care, medical services, supply business.

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